The current Covid-19 pandemic has affected millions, and we have seen daily requests for plasma through online social media platforms like Discord, and a lot of them are left unattended. We have seen a lot of people willing to donate but are not able to reach or connect to these patients. Hence, the idea of "Find Plasma"; a discord bot that can be added to any server to connect recipients and willing donors.

What it does

The Find Plasma bot enables recipients to push requests or find nearby donors using custom commands. The requests posted contain all relevant information, including blood group, name, location, and discord ID. The bot automatically matches the recipients with a compatible donor and shares their details via DM. Users can directly contact each other through Discord DM.

How we built it

The bot was built using python with the API wrapper. We used the Pandas library to manage the data in the server. We also used Bootstrap and JavaScript for the landing page.

Challenges we ran into

We challenged ourselves and took up a new stack altogether -

  1. Learned python from scratch via documentation and crash courses
  2. Learned creating discord bots from scratch
  3. Coming up with a flowchart and algorithm
  4. Went into a lot of issues and required us to go endlessly through forums and stack-overflow
  5. Created a static landing page and tried getting hands on the giphy api.
  6. Ended with a little designing of assets and elements for the devpost.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to learn, implement, and also finish our project on time! Made a lot of network across the event, had fun watching the twitch streams, and listening to the lovely team members who organized this entire hackathon!

What we learned

Like I said we had our first hands-on python, it was great that we were able to achieve more than just submitting a project. We delved deep into discord bots and had fun looping through various pre-existing ones.

P.S - The workshops at UB were fantastic, will surely go through the pre-recorded footages to learn more!

What's next for FindPlasma x Discord

We plan on expanding it to more use cases, have a better verification process integrated, and give a more personal touch to the bot so that it can frequently post health tips to keep oneself safe.

We will provide special rewards and coupon codes for people who donate (Under Development); we want to encourage users and reward them for their community service.

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