The current Covid-19 pandemic has affected millions, and we have seen daily requests for plasma through online social media platforms, and a lot of them are left unattended. We have seen a lot of people willing to donate but are not able to reach or connect to these patients. Hence, the idea of "Find Plasma Online."

What it does

The app is made relatively simple; it enables recipients to push requests or find nearby donors using location API. The requests posted contain all relevant information, including blood group, phone number, age, and name.

We will provide special rewards and coupon codes for people who donate (Under Development); we want to encourage users and reward them for their community service.

How we built it

We first started with design thinking principles and came up with an easy to use wireframe design; we then converted to high fidelity design on FIGMA. We worked on implementing the app using react-native.

Challenges we ran into

The number of challenges we went through was unaccountable; as we are beginners, it required us to watch many react-native crash courses, learn git, and spend endless hours solving small errors. We were unable to implement firebase properly and faced issues with navigations, but we believe in learning from our mistakes and rectify them in future projects. We were unable to finish the react app in due time but plan to do it in the future - for the prototype we used Figma.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were proud of working on a novel idea and implementing it to a good extend. Attending workshops and networking events was immensely useful, and we learned a lot from them. Working as a team has made us learn the importance of teamwork, and also facing challenges together also resulted in great memories!

What we learned

We learned to work on react and react-native and implementing various dependencies and API. We also learned and researched about COVID 19 and how plasma is helping COVID patients get treated faster. Overall we had a great experience taking part in this hackathon, attending events and workshops.

What's next for Find Plasma Online

We want to complete the backend and implement firebase to get our app fully functional ASAP. We want to launch the app with the help of our community to reach the maximum COVID 19 fighters as fast as possible.

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