How it works

The app works as follow: A background service turns itself on every 35 seconds. When this happens, the app grabs your velocity. The second time around, it grabs your velocity again. It innovatively compares your two velocities for when it thinks you have parked. It will then tag your location and store it into the phone's local database. The database will hold your 100 newest tags and will update accordingly. When the user forgets where he or she parked, they can open the app, look at their tag history, see an image of where it was tagged on google maps, and confirm there parking location. (Note that in the database, it stores date, day, time, etc in sorted time order). If it looks like this was their parked location, they click "Yes". At this point an arrow with pop up which will point where they need to walk to find their car!

Challenges I ran into

Not enough time to finish everything but completed 95% of the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Collaborated with my team mate extremely well. we both worked on separate things. I did UI and linking the app together, while he did database management.

What I learned

The biggest thing I learned was how to collaborate to build a project with another person. (Using git and other versioning controls). It felt extremely real world, and was very good experience.

What's next for Find My Ride

Finish the app to completion, a little more testing, add a few adds, then release to the app store!

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