Financial literacy is very important in everyone’s lives. Being able to properly make financial decisions has a huge impact on one’s future and it's really important that everyone is able to make good and educated decisions. Even if all of this is true, there are a lot of people in this world who are not aware of the impact this has, and even if they do they may not have all of the necessary information. Something this relevant in everyone’s lives should be taught in places like high schools, but this isn't true. Due to this reason we decided to create a small website with fundamentals in basic financial aspects in our lives.

What it does

This is a website created to help people learn what financial literacy is and why it is important. Not only that but it includes some basic information on common topics such as types of bank accounts, credit score and planning a budget. It also has a small interactive portion to engage people.

How we built it

We built this website using Git, GitHub, Atom, and VS Code. We were able to create and design our website through these code-editors and used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to code the actual website. We used HTML to code the basic structure of our website, which was then enhanced and modified using CSS and JavaScript. We used CSS to control the presentation, formatting, and layout of our website and JavaScript to control the behaviour of different elements on our websites such as the buttons.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we faced was figuring out a way so that all of us collaborate on the project together. It was very difficult to work on the coding aspect of the project together at the same time, so we decided to split up the roles of what each of us would do. One member was in charge of gathering information to use on our website, one member focused on the JavaScript part of the code, and the final member focused on the HTML and CSS portion of the code. We had to a lot times when each of us would work on the project and we each had to dedicate a lot of time and resources, so that we could ensure the project was completed by the deadline. Another way we tried to collaborate on the project was using git and Github, where we created branches of the code and focused on specific features and aspects of the website. Another challenge we faced was creating buttons to provide real-time feedback. We had to do a lot of research followed by trial and error to figure out the solution to this challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

By the end of the hackathon, we were able to create a working website which reflected our initial vision. Also, we were able to create interactive components in our website which provided real-time feedback. In addition to improving our technical skills, we also gained knowledge in financial literacy and found ourselves in a fun and collaborative environment.

What we learned

By spending time and working on this project, we were able to learn many new things. We were all able to learn a lot of new things in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as we had to learn how to use many different elements and concepts that were new to us. We were also able to develop a lot of practical skills through participating in this project such as organizational skills, teamwork, collaboration, and time management, as we had to manage our time, responsibilities, roles, and work together to complete this project efficiently.

What's next for Learning Financial Literacy Website

Some next steps would be to include much more detailed and professional information on more topics related to finance such as investing, taxes and the stock market. Making the website have more sections and organization would be a good step. Making the interactive portions be more diverse is a change that would greatly improve the product.

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