I always wonder that is there any platform where people with the same mentality in the field of finance can come together but I was not able to find one, there are a lot of clubs for coding and developers but none for finance so here I am with my finance club website for all people to talk and discuss on finance and even learn from this platform.

What it does

On this platform you can learn about finance their topics along with this you can keep yourself updated with the latest news in the field of finance with the API which i have incorporated in this which is self-refreshing, and along with all these, there is a chat platform where you can chat with all the other people who are online.

How we built it

This was built with the help of HTML, CSS, Javascript(Major), Bootstrap(Major), Php, and the chat platform has been built by node js and mongo, Google API is also used is this, and finally, it is made with love.

Challenges we ran into

Challenge was to think about the idea and all the research I did in making this website as I was in finance and I am a developer but after taking a look into this field I found that this field is amazing and I will surely be contributing some more time in this field.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Of making the website on such a topic in which I do not know much about and the hard work is done in research.

What we learned

I learned a lot from this project and I would like to thank Postman API Hack

What's next for Finance Club Website

I will try incorporating a discussion forum in it.

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