Final Write Up:

Projection Description: Black Box is a personal security IOT device that helps make sure you never get your stuff stolen ever again. Black Box is composed of three major sensors: motion, light, and accelerometer. The device will be placed on or near the item that you want to protect. If the box picks up any quick movements, is moved, or is opened, then the device will notify the owner. The device will use IOT in order to communicate with the owner if his or her stuff is getting stolen. Specifically, the user will need to download the Blynk app and will be sent push notifications if the Black Box detects any suspicious behavior. In addition, the box will have a button that turns on the box when you would like to use it and if you hit it again, the box will turn off waiting for you to turn it back on later. We chose to make this project because we are constantly leaving our stuff in a room while we go to eat, go to our rooms, or go to class. We have never had anything stolen from us, but we also would like to stay the same so we wanted to make a device that we could use and that we hope others can as well.

Progress Throughout April: At first, we wanted to use a sound sensor; however, it was impractical because the user may want to leave their stuff in a loud environment. At first, we were using a different IOT platform, but that one had trouble interacting with the user and switching to Blynk allows us to effectively and easily send push notifications. We also originally were going to use two buttons to act as a password to the box, but that the code and wiring were impractical and the overall feature was unnecessary.

Subsystem Description: For the motion sensor, the hardware is implemented in a straightforward manner with the motion sensor mounted to a breadboard wired to the power and the input is wired to a digital pin to read in exact values of distance. The code that is written for this part just checks if the motion sensor detects something that is closer than 15 cms and if so there is a command to have Blynk send a push notification to the user. For the accelerometer, the hardware is again implemented in a straightforward manner with the sensor mounted to the breadboard and wired to the power and an analog pin. The code checks if the old position is different from the current position within a certain threshold and if not, the program sends the user a push notification through Blynk. For the light sensor, it is again wired to an analog pin and the power. The code simply just checks if the light sensor detects anything above a certain threshold which means the box is open and sends the user a push notification through Blynk. Finally, the button is a different breadboard and is constantly being listened to if pushed. If pushed, the code sets a state to 1 which means that the black box should be detecting behavior and if the button is pressed again the code sets the state to 0 which means that the black box does nothing.

Real Product: If this project were turned into a real product, we would need to first design a black box that is easily manufactured. In addition, the parts overall should be minimized and made smaller or else the box will be too large which will make the design too noticeable and thus less effective. In addition, there needs to be some sort of mechanism that acts as a password in order to avoid thieves turning off the box simply by pressing one button.

Improvement: We could 3d print an actual black box to put the Arduino in. We could add a buzzer so that the thief is scared off if the user is unable to come in time. In addition, we could also minimize the wires and improve on the general design to minimize the size in order to fit into a smaller box. We could also include more than one motion sensor because there is only one and it detects things only in one way which may mean that the thief is able to circumvent this sensor.

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Team Members: Alex Wang - Designer of the overall box structure Luis Ayala-Lechuga - Circuit Builder Vivek Olumbe - Coder

Parts Required: -Accelerometer -PIR Motion Sensor -Sound sensor -arduino wifi -buttons -speaker(potentially)

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