We were disappointed by the fact that we had to wait for up to weeks to have an email sent and thought it would make more people be willing to use lodgemaster

What it does

It searches for any of 720+ Vulgar keywords and if it detects them it sends a false flag

How we built it

we were told that python had a easy method on how to create a filter like the simple filter code which is what we were searching for so we decided to all learn python the morning of Oct-7

Challenges we ran into

Only one of us even knew how to start with python and having to find several lists and combine them was semi-difficult for us since we had little excel experience

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact we got a working prototype was amazing in our opinions

What we learned

Python for one, also the fact that delegating certain tasks to certain people helps a lot

What's next for Filter prototype for development team/Hellen of Intel

If we are allowed to continue, finding out how to use an API recommended to use for the filter, also possibly a grammar checker/fixer similar to Grammarly is on our roadmap

What is the actual code

from string import ascii_letters

with open(r'C:\Users\henry\Downloads\swearwords.txt') as f: swearwords={line.strip() for line in f if line.strip()}

def has_swearwords(message): for word in swearwords: idx=message.find(word) if idx!=-1 and (idx==0 or message[idx-1] not in ascii_letters) and (idx==len(message)-len(word) or message[idx+len(word)] not in ascii_letters): return True return False

Also the (r'C:\Users\henry\Downloads\swearwords.txt') is from the second

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