How many times have you wanted to explain something but lack the physical form to do so? This has come to us before in the form of making and planning field formations for sports, whether that be recreational or IM league. What is something everyone has on them pretty much all of the time? Their phone.

What it does

Our application does away with the clumsy and outdated form of writing out sports team plays and field positions by creating an augmented reality environment that allows users to move, place, and modify objects such as playing fields, players, and game planning items like arrows.

How we built it

We built our app using Google's AR Core framework and the Android SDK .

Challenges we ran into

We as a group have never made an android application, and the addition of complications like augmented reality set our sights high for our first endeavor into mobile development. One of our biggest hurdles was finding knowledge about the topic. During the hackathon we failed to find a mentor familiar with the subject making development an uphill battle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We as a group were able to create a working Augmented Reality application in our very first Android application, this combined with the satisfaction of learning something on the cutting edge of technology now has our sights set for the future.

What we learned

With this project we learned how to develop android applications, Create 3d models compatible with Google AR Core, configure and customize the framework, and what future augmented reality may have for mobile applications.

What's next for Field Planner AR

In the future we would hope to accomplish Augmented Reality sync between multiple devices allowing for AR collaborations. We are also interested in pitching our idea towards several sports leagues as a new form of media consumption by having a real-time augmented reality version of a live sports game.

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