Our main inspiration came from a friend's struggle with financial literacy, and we realized the extent to which our program could help those from all socio-economic backgrounds. We catered to different age groups as their needs in regards to financial literacy are different, but we mainly focused on children because it is important to begin to introduce the idea of financial literacy when they are young so they can begin to get a handle on the terminology.

What it does

How we built it

sweat. blood. tears.

Challenges we ran into

Focusing and staying up at night was one of the hardest. Other then that just the usual interaction with the tools like, python, Django, servers, domains, DNS, connecting back-end to front-end, linking urls and templates. Overall it was truly a struggle but we are happy with the product we have been able to deliver based on these roadblocks we faced.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of the greatest accomplishments was creating the tiles / buttons to provide visual representation of how we planned to display the content and it was the closest from our visual to implementation.

What we learned

Almost everything for what we built. This was the first hackathon for all of us, so the whole experience was an opportunity to learn and practice going from brainstorming, idea development, design development and then adjusting based on capabilities and time.

What's next for FICY

Continue curating content appropriate for the different audiences stages of life

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