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Women have made significant contributions and numerous breakthroughs in the field of science and technology. Yet, history has overlooked their achievements. Making it such that people find it very difficult to name three women inventors or scientists. But if women are rightfully credited, they turn into role models and inspire future generations of women. If in the present, women innovators are supported, encouraged and acknowledged, they won’t be side-lined in history either.

What it does

Inventions by women have quite often been written off history. femNOVA is a place where these forgotten achievements are revived in a fun and electric way. It’s also a place to celebrate, explore & connect with women in science, innovation & tech. femNOVA makes people aware of the contributions that women have made in science and technology. femNOVA lets you PLAY to know about Innovators' History, LEARN through engaging with Augmented Reality & CONNECT with a very Supporting Community.

How we built it

Using HTML5, CSS3, TailwindCSS, Augmented Reality(echoAR), Virtual reality(sketchfab), Javascript, Unity

Challenges we ran into

Making the whole frontend single handedly was really tough, faced many issues, took mentors' help and finally could present the whole project with frontend backend completion was worth it to us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Mistakes made us learn so many new things.
  2. Could represent our website almost as per our idea.
  3. How to work with a game on Unity

What we learned

Time Management, Project delivery, how to build frontend more proficiently

What's next for femNOVA

  1. Adding login features along with database for saving your history of quiz & posts.
  2. A page to track your knowledge giving you xp to engage users with level up system.

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