We believe female history and accomplishments tend to be overlooked by the patriarchal society during those time periods. Typically in school, students tend to learn about the accomplishments of males whether it be Neil Armstrong on the moon or war heroes from WWII. This is unhealthy in the development of women in the workforce. As a result, we felt like it was essential to create an application to highlight the progress of women in society from the 50’s to 90’s, focusing primarily in the tech field.

Since the rapid development of females in tech is often overlooked by the media, it is vital for students to truly understand where female empowerment came from in order to progress. Knowing the history of females in tech and the progression can inspire females to pursue the field and continue to make impacts.

What it does

Our application is a hybrid of an informative website and an educational platformer themed to each decade from the 50s to the 90s. The website gives facts on women accomplishments and highlights from the given decade. Our game takes the facts from the website and turns it into a quiz. While platforming, you will get the chance to answer questions about these facts. If you get them in one try, you will get a star. When finishing a level, you will get the chance to see how many stars you have. As you reach the end of the game, you will get the chance to interact with famous female scientists. Here, we are hoping to educate and inspire women to pursue STEM.

How we built it

Our team took the approach to create a computer game available from our website, so students in schools can easily access our application. As a result, we decided to create an entertaining educational game with Unity and C# and an informative website using HTML and CSS. The majority of our 3D assets were found on the Unity asset store, but every scene was carefully crafted and put together by us, to every last detail. A few of the assets were created with Blender, but we didn't have much time to make everything with it considering the scope of our project. The interfaces were primarily designed through Canva and Adobe Illustrator. (Total of 8 C# scripts and 8 HTML scripts)

Challenges we ran into

Getting this project done in one weekend was very VERY overwhelming and resulted in some all nighters. A huge issue we faced was getting everything together into one product, including the website, the game online, and our video.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We love the final product of our game. We are very proud of the piece we put together and the relevance it has in both educating players and in the gaming industry. Our project was extremely difficult and has many layers to it.

What we learned

While doing this project, we learned how to create a finished product with an aesthetically pleasing informative website, and a visually detailed game and incorporate them together.


Use WASD or arrow keys to move around and space bar to jump

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