Our inspiration was the fact that women have many unique health concerns, and numerous health issues affect only women and others are more common in women. In a fast pace city like NYC, a lot women are not aware of their health conditions. Therefore, we create a checklist to find out the most important tests women should take at a certain age and to inform them the importance to take those tests. We believe woman should be aware of all the conditions that could affect them and how to prevent potential diseases from happening.

What it does

The program informs and educates women the specific health tests they should take at a different age so they can have track of their health condition. If they have not done the test, it should advise them to do it. In addition, the program gives a brief explanation of the benefits of each test to encourage women to take actions.

How I built it

We mainly use C++ programming language to build the program (If else statements, recursion, loops, nested loop, functions, linked list, pointers, strings, arrays).

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to create informative program that could make an impact in healthcare industry if implemented by insurances or doctors. since we did some research and did not find a test tracker with information of every single test.

What I learned

We have learned many diseases that are life threatening. Most people do not pay attention to their health condition until they get sick. Having a health tracker could help prevent us from getting these diseases.

What's next for FemHealthCheck

In the future, we can build a mobile application for IOS and ANDROID based on this program. This enables us to have easier access of our health conditions on our mobile devices.

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