Question: In a country with tuition increases and healthcare dilemmas, foreign threats and energy crisis, urban decay and cultural respite, where the voters at?

What it does

Inspires the hopeless. Stimulates the incurious. Motivates the apathetic. Energizes the listless. Encourages the dubious. Rouses the somnolent. Influence the obstinate. Incites the indifferent.

How I built it

Sweat, tears, and gumption.

Challenges I ran into

Passing large amounts of Costco pizza and RedBull™

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Anything and everything. It's important to take pride in what you take part in. We came, we saw, we hacked. Together, we can change the world.

What I learned

Most things associated with: Creating a webapp using Meteor.

What's next for Feel the Bern - Fantasy Politics

Can't stop, wont stop Bernie 2016! This app is going the distance, and will continue to generate interest in American and Global Politics, and take part in their republic.

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