Our inspiration was an old flash game that a bunch of us used to play back in the day. We decided to make it our own and everyone has their own little piece in the game.

What it does

This 2D soccer game allows you and one friend to go head-to-head in a best of 7 soccer match. The left player uses "WASD" and "Space" while the right player uses "Arrows" and "M".

How we built it

This game was built on Unity. We used a 2D game template.

Challenges we ran into

Almost all of us have never used Unity or developed a game so it was a challenge to learn the technology but we are very proud with what we learned in 24 hours!

What we learned

We learned how to divide the work up and make sure everyone had a large part in the project. As we had people from Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Design, Foster Care Case Worker, and an 8th grade student it was a challenge and learning experience for everyone!

This was the first time any of us have ever made a 2D Unity game from scratch. We all learned so much about Unity itself as well as game development.

What's next for Fat Foot Feetball

Improve the graphics, physics, and add new cool powerups!

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