Inspiration 🌳

Effect of fast fashion Clothing and textiles production releases 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year – that’s more than the combined emissions for all international flights AND shipping.
One garbage truck of clothing and textiles is sent to landfills or burned every second, while just 1% of clothing is recycled into new clothing.
“Fast fashion” focuses on quick production speeds and lower costs to deliver frequent new collections inspired by celebrity or catwalk styles. Retailers are able to tempt shoppers with constant newness and try to convince them that the items they already have are no longer fashionable.
We got inspired by the numerous researches on the detrimental effect fast fashion has on the environment.
Our project aims to reduce the need for fast fashion by providing FAST, EASY and FUN opportunity to obtain clothes - via Fast Fashion.

You might be looking for...

  • a new favorite T-shirt 👕
  • jeans like the ones you saw on TV the other day 👖
  • a dress for a special occasion 👗

Don't worry - Fast Fashion has your back!

What it does 📱

What the app does

🌱When you first download the app, you will be prompted to sign-up and create your profile.
🌱The UI allows swiping left(🙅‍♀️) and right(💛) on each piece of clothing you see.
🌱The you can upload pictures of the clothes you want to give away, rent,swap or sell
🌱You can add into your cart🛒 and order on the go🚶‍♀️
🌱In the app you will find blogs about reusing **clothes👚
Upload a picture*📷 of an old piece of clothing and **get suggestions* on how to reuse it from others🤗

How we built it 📝

The app was made with ❤ and:

🌱 Flutter
🌱 Firebase ML Kit
🌱 Canva
🌱 Figma

Challenges we ran into 🏃‍♀️

It was difficult to coordinate with team members due to different timezone but we tried our best and finished our project on time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😎

🌱We are proud of finishing it and submitting it to this hackathon.
🌱We are also proud to realize that through market research, our platform is needed worldwide. Many individuals have felt left out on making a difference because they didn't have the accessibility to use platforms like Fast Fashion.

What we learned📚

The most important thing we learned while working on the project is that every individual has a giant effect on our environment with every little choice we make.
After seeing all the concerning statistics, I believe we all became a bit more aware of our actions and will certainly make more sustainable choices🌿 when it comes to our fashion!

What's next for Fast Fashion? 🌱

🌱Add donation and selling module
🌱 Integrate payment options
🌱 Build a marketing a financial team to get business logistics in place
🌱Accessibility: We will create features that make our platform easy to access for anyone with a disability.
🌱 Community Building: People love to feel good so we will host events giving prizes and having competitions to lead more people to our sustainability goal.
🌱Intergrations: We will create integrations with TikTok, Instagram, Instagram to allow easy and FAST transactions.

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