Team Brian: Anh Tuan Ho, Phuoc Dinh Le


The FarmerGame is a real-time java game that requires players to manage their farm and handle multiple farming tasks. At the beginning of the game, the player has an amount of money based on the chosen difficulty. The main screen of the game will include four parts, 12 farming plots, market, inventory, and employment manager. The player will grow and take care of the crop and sell products to get profit. The goal of the game is to optimal strategy to get as much money as possible.

The game is inspired by Vietnamese agriculture. Both authors are from a small town called Hoi An with farming tradition, so we are familiar with different kind of plants, agricultural problems, and daily techniques used by farmers. We think it is interesting to integrate what we grew up with to what we are studying. We hope this game will be able to bring joy to both players growing up in countryside like us and players who haven't had much experiences with farming.

This game is developed by the JavaFX desktop application (version 11.0.2), Java SDK (11.0.6), and MacOS. It also works on Window 10, and we expected to work on Linux.

Game was designed with Object Oriented Programming and UI was implemented by JavaFX Scene Builder.


Step 1: Clone the game from the Github link by the following command

git clone

Step 2: IntelliJ setup instructions:

  • Download JavaFX version 11.0.2 at and setup through IntelliJ
  • In IntelliJ, open the menu File > Project Structure, go in Libraries, click on the icon + on top left, and choose New Project Library Java.
  • Find the openjfx folder (“javafx-sdk11.0.2”) and select it, and then select its lib subfolder. Apply the changes.
  • Open the menu Run > Edit Configurations. In the field VM Options add the following line, replacing PATH_TO_OPENJFX with the path to the openjfx folder (“javafx-sdk11.0.2” or similar) on your PC: "--module-path PATH_TO_OPENJFX --add-modules javafx.controls,javafx.fxml"

Step 3: Run the App file and have fun !!!

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