Get your dear once status not by often calling/messaging just by checking your app anywhere anytime.Express concern without interruptions of either.Improve Relations by Improving Connectivity.

What it does

It shares the sharable events Arrived/Left of Home,Work,Public Places like Gym,airport,cafe,stores.User creates groups the events are shared in the group so that the other group members could be in sync.There is no scope for intrusion to users privacy the members of group can dynamically set their shared events whether to share only Home or Only Work or anything and disable at any time.For example user (father)creates a group of Main Family with his wife and two children.They initially set all events to share so that parents can get notified when their kids school events occur or notified that one of them is at store so others get notified and can message any list,plan pickups etc.Groups for old parents and children living apart can be connected and track the old people all time .Groups are not just confined to families but can share work events within work group,maintain records of work related activities of employee (calculate work hours) and synchronize pool driving to work or follow up meeting timings etc.

How I built it

To get the event occurrences in real time NEURA sdk is used.It takes care of many events and user actions.And using firebase and gcm to create communication channel.

Challenges I ran into

   Sharing persons events to others may be viewed as spying.Overcoming this misconception of app as spying by Creating shared permissions dynamically and making app for improving connectivity among groups family,work...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Follow up family easily in busy world. Synchronize your activities with others.Building the message service with customized permissions for every group to avoid intrusion.

What I learned

Getting and Handling real time events from sensors and how the sensor data is employed intellectually

What's next for FamilySync

Share reports of our sleep and health activities as we concern our dear ones.Intellectually use the events for more usability like implementing pool drives with work groups by sharing events to save resources,plan more accurately .

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