In this contemporary world, safety for a person especially for a woman is still a myth and there are no straightforward or intuitive means to summon for help. This made to think of a simple SOS button which would call out for help. That's how Family365 was started.

What it does

Family365 is an Android Lock Screen and your safety companion which keeps you safe while keeping you updated with your family. Family365 uses Neura SDK to machine learn the user's activities and provide context related lock screen settings, while it uses Affectiva SDK to sense users feelings and react according it. Family365 consists of various features as mentioned,

  1. Smile to Unlock: As the name itself says, an user has to smile looking at the lock screen to unlock it. As simple as that.
  2. Context-dependent Passcode: Users doesn't have to enter the passcode every time when no one is around them. For example, one can set the preferences such that your passcode should be disabled when at home and should be enabled when outdoor. Neura + Our logic handles this.
  3. Family Syncing: Share your feelings and status automatically with your family members. Also see what your family members are feeling right now directly on the lock screen.
  4. Fear to SOS: Are you being chased by a stranger and don't have time to unlock your phone and call for help? Then with our 'Fear to SOS' feature, you just have to look at our Family365 LockScreen, it will sense the fear in your face and alert your family connections.
  5. Context-dependent Apps Shortcut Tray: Choose the frequently used apps for Office & Home. We will automatically show you the shortcuts on the lock screen depending on the current context. Thus improving productivity.

Important Note: I have built this app on Samsung Note 3 with Android 5.0 OS. And have hopefully covered all the new permission handling, yet couldn't test it due to lack of any devices with Android 6.0 OS. So kindly provide all permissions directly from App Settings.

How I built it

I used the following to build Family365,

  1. Neura SDK
  2. Affective Emotion SDK
  3. Android

Challenges I ran into

Building a Lock Screen for Android wasn't an easy task, I had to test with the multiple test cases and it was time-consuming. Meanwhile, the context detection, face detection, and emotion-detecting were also the hardest part if Neura SDK and Affective Emotional SDK was not there.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Now I can add an expert in Machine Learning and Face Emotion Detection in my CV. ;)

What I learned

This is my first application on Face Emotion Detection and Context Engine(Machine Learning) which are the few of the toughest technologies. I learned that these could be achieved now without much effort.

What's next for Family365, an Android LockScreen Companion

I could implement all the features I had in mind due to lack of time as I started 3 days back. Once I add all the features, I am going to launch Family365 very soon on Playstore. Hope it would really help the people to stay safe and always stay connected with their family.

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