I've been having a difficult time keeping track of my family's medical history, which can be invaluable to medical professionals when making diagnoses.

What it does

My goal was to build a system for creating and securely sharing sensitive information with people who share your genealogy as well as doctors.

How I built it

Bootstrapped it with a previous note-taking application I made that uses npm scripts to build/debug, express & nodejs, all TypeScript without a front-end framework.

Challenges I ran into

I chose a tree visualization library, which turned out to be much better suited for top-down graphs as opposed to bottom up family trees with complex sibling/cousin familial relationships.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working alone on a full stack project with few hiccups! This is the best I've felt about a solo project under such strict time restrictions.

What I learned

I started out by writing a list of goals and a timeline to complete them- my time estimates weren't perfect, but it's clear to me how important time management and regular check-ins (even in a group of 1) are!

What's next for Family Health History

Integration with Health Service APIs (FIHR?, that can help secure the transfer of data. The original intention of making the medical conditions "private" was to anonymize the data while maintaining the ability to see your own degree of health risks.

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