Being away from college it would be cool both when I am away and back home to have an app to be the central communication and hub of the family

How it works

Using hybrid app technology I developed a web application that will work as an app for all platforms. Families will be able to use the Google Map API to locate where each other in case needed. A chat section allows for a dedicated communication feed and lastly a to-do list for everyone to be reminded that of important things. This happens by giving each family a small dedicated back-end server that stores their GPS location and any chat/to-do's they add

Challenges I ran into

Being my first time using Ionic or Cordova it was hard to integrate that with the small amount of Angular I knew. Lots of searching and video tutorials on how to do a lot of small things. Also I never was able to fully implement a google map system due to lack of cell phones to test with being a solo developer

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have a working app that my family will be using once all the bugs and final style touches are added

What I learned

I learned how developing in hybrid has many advantages, but at the same time cost a lot in special feature that are a lot harder to get access of from your phone

What's next for Family Hack

I will hopefully see how well my family enjoys it and maybe more families will want their own and far future would be making this a public app that could have a manual family setup

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