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We we're inspired to build with Fitbit for its data rich API, but we weren't sure quite what. After realizing that the Fitbit had a vast amount of information relevant not only to fitness, but to health as a whole, an idea struck us. What if we enabled friends, family and care givers to use the Fitbit's immense wealth of information to track overall wellness and even monitor the sickness of distant and older family members? In comparison to other devices, Fitbit's are well received by people of all age groups, unlike other devices geared explicitly towards older individuals. If people actually wanted to wear their wellness device, the data produced would be better and more accurate. Furthermore, the wearer would have the opportunity to use the device outside of its 'wellness' setting, using if for personal expertise and anything else.

What it does

Familee connects to any number of Fitbit devices owned by any number of individual family members. These family members still retain full control of the account and only share some pertinent health data with Familee. Familee aggregates a month of history in walking, heart rate and sleep patterns to keep the care giving family member up to date on the care receiving individuals overall activity level and basic health. Additionally, Familee provides text message integration and can optionally send text message reminders regarding medications to cared for individuals. Furthermore, Familee correlates patterns in multiple pieces of data to provide an early warning of oncoming colds and sickness. With Familee, care givers can have added confidence in their loved ones health without providing an over bearing presence in their lives.

How We built it

We built Familee with Mongo as our database, Node and Express as our backend, and Angular as our front end. Additionally we utilized Twilio for sending text message reminders.

Challenges We ran into

We ran into a number of challenges in the construction of Familee. Our first major challenge was developing a subtable OAuth connection system for Node to speak with the Fitbit API over. This proved to be a a great challenge in token management, token refreshment/timeout and header configuration. Additionally, while under heavy development frequent data reloads caused or API connection to become limited and shut off, resulting in a rapid need for a cached sample data.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We're proud that we we're able to construct as solid an application as we did that has the potential to actually make a difference in peoples lives in under 36 hours. Familee has the potential to bring care monitoring into the realm of everyone instead of those with enough money to afford exorbitantly lavish systems. Furthermore, for our first time using an OAuth provider, we were able to build a fairly complete and extensive connector that worked with multiple sessions (Fitbit's) at once.

What We learned

We learned more about the intricate world of OAuth (And authentication schemes for that matter) that we ever though either one of us would know. We also sharpened our AngularJS skill set further with Angular UI Router and built more elegantly that ever before.

What's next for Familee

There are a vast number of parts we would love to implement in Familee. We'd love to start by implement a better wellness score system and build a global wellness score, one that takes into account all metrics we gather to produce one score. We also really want to incorporate more monitoring for the times that the care taker isn't logged in. Alerts and such would be sent over text message should anything suspect arise.

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