Fake Call app allows you to trick your friends and your family in many ways:

  • want to get out of awkward situations or boring meeting?
  • want to trick your friends?
  • want to get a serious alibi for a specific moment?


  • Gear 2 and Gear S devices support
  • caller voice when receiving a fake call (boss, wife or custom)
  • real call rejection during fake call conversation (prevent unexpected calling during fake call)
  • improved animation on calling screen
  • two different launcher types: clock face theme (watch) dedicated for more discrete, comfortable and convenient use during daily-basis activities; standalone application for casual use

How to use it:

User picks up the time on his Gear device (clock or standalone application), to schedule a 'fake' call from the person chosen by himself on the mobile phone. If user changed mind, he is able to cancel scheduled 'fake' call.

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