We came up with the idea as we started to look through the FAFSA datasets. We soon thought about trying to see if the ongoing pandemic had caused any significant changes to the student debt climate.

What it does

Generates specified graphs for use in statistical analysis.

How we built it

This project was written entirely in Python and primarily used MatPlotLib for our data visualization as well as various math libraries such as numpy, scipy, and pandas.

Challenges we ran into

Not only did we have our first foray into some mathematical programming libraries (which plagued us with installation and setup issues) we also had to seek help in order to find the correct statistical methods with which to test our data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Almost proving a statistically backed hypothesis, but then refuting our data from a change in perspective giving us new information.

What we learned

Federal aid amounts per state are not evenly distributed and average aid per person per state varies drastically.

What's next for FAFSA Deep Dive and Pandemic Analysis

In order for us to continue research into this topic, we require data from 2021 and onwards so that we can effectively make conclusions about the pandemic's effects.

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