We looked at networking events and how we could make it easier for an attendee to connect with others.

What it does

  1. You upload pictures of yourself to so we can recognize your face.
  2. Join a channel (e.g. NHacks 2016, Gaming Conference, Western U Orientation Week).
  3. Capture a picture of another user who's done the previous step and is in the same channel.
  4. Our app will upload the picture and utilize a facial analysis technology to match their face from the picture with their face in our database.
  5. We will send to you their connected social media profiles (eg. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  6. You choose which accounts you want to connect with.
  7. Make a friend.
  8. Capture more pictures and utilize our points system to get a higher score.

How we built it

Front-end: Android - Java Back-end: - C# using ASP.NET Core, Kairos facial analysis API, and SQL Server

What's next for FaceTag

Work with Accelerator Centre in its AC Pathfinder Market Validation Program

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