One day I was walking on pearl street here in Boulder, and at the end of the day when I got home I saw on the news that there had been a moose not two blocks from where I was. Its not every day you see a moose in Boulder, and I wished I was there. Thats what inspired me to make this app which is intended to alert you of such things in your immediate vicinity.

What it does

The app encourages users to share there experiences with friends like many social media, but is intended to analyze this data and let you know based on other peoples posts if there is something near you you are going to wish you knew about.

How I built it

I built this app using Xcode and Swift

Challenges I ran into

Xcode is not easy to use! I had a lot of problems when developing this app trying to over come seemingly small challenges. Trying to pass data between two views, finding the users location, and designing table views.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really proud I made it as far into this project as I did. It is something I have wanted to work on for a while, and I knew I wanted to do it solo. I was not expecting to see a product resembling my idea as closely as this app does. As of right now it is no where near its full intended functionality but I am proud of myself for making as much headway as I did.

What I learned

I learned a lot about making connections in Xcode between views and their code and generally learned a lot about the syntax of Swift. I also learned what an optional was!

What's next for Eyfo

I would like to continue working on Eyfo as I have been thinking about developing it for some time now. I hope to see it through at least a couple more stages and hopefully to the point of being an individual project I can be proud of.

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