Increase awareness of the undermined issue of human trafficking. We have more slavery today in the form of human trafficking than we did at any other time in history. 15-17 thousand people are trafficked into the US alone every year and about 20.9 million people are trafficked world-wide yearly. We were inspired to work on this problem because around 50% of those trafficked are girls our age. It is heart breaking to think that these women and men have their lives snatched from them and are forced to endure these brutalities. In honor of Human Trafficking Awareness month, we build this website with hopes to raise awareness of the issue and to allow survivors to make their voices heard.

What it does

Our project gives the survivors of human trafficking a platform to share their stories, express themselves, and provides them with a support system. The website allows survivors to voice themselves anonymously or publicly, creating a safe community to share their stories. It helps spread awareness for the issue and lists resources to get involved in putting an end to human trafficking.

How we built it

Implemented Javascript, HTML, CSS, HTML5 UP, Tokbox live video platform to built a website consisting of 6 main pages.

Challenges we ran into

We used HTML5 UP for 2 of the 6 pages because we wanted to implement a more complex layout of the page. Because we used the template, some of the default files that we had to manipulate for the respective pages had the same naming, so when it came time to merge the two pages from different repositories, same file names caused overriding issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most of us haven't coded much in HTML5 so we were proud to figure it out and code ground up. We were able to implement the features we had planned for and learnt a lot about the issue of human trafficking in the process. We are proud that we were able to use technology to create a safe community for individuals who have been affected by human trafficking.

What we learned

How to implement the live video feature provided by Tokbox as well as the how to built a website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

What's next for Exploring Hope

Privacy and understanding of the brutal truths of the individuals in this community are our main priorities. As of now we only have manual process of feeding new stories so that it can go through us where we can decide whether the entry is appropriate for the website. We want to work towards implementing Machine Learning to help us filter out immediately whether a story to be shared is appropriate. The concept of "Sentient Analysis" is what we want to work towards.

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