Machine Learning

What it does

It's where computers use past data to learn something new about you! Or anything really... it's basically data harvesting!!

How we built it

I didn't really build anything because I only needed to learn about it, but what I have learned is that there is a lot on Azure about machine learning.... Don't try it, I nearly lost a load of money...

Challenges we ran into

Thinking of a buzzword topic as I don't really know what buzzword means despite this being my third challenge including it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing challenges and learning. You can never stop learning <3

What we learned

All about machine learning. That's like learning squared! Anything can learn, it's basically an AI for machine learning.

What's next for Explore a Buzzword Topic

Other sides to machine learning

Built With

  • learning
  • lifelong-learning
  • mindfulness
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