For the hackathon we have build dynamic NFT-staking app with Chainlink. We have used chainlink to "read" metadata from IPFS and inject the data in an on-chain NFT-staking contract. In the metadata there is a "level" attribute, higher the level, higher the rewards!

Stake your NFTs to get lifetime premium subscription in expetra - web3 portfolio app for both fiat and crypto!


Expetra is a web3 mobile app for managing portfolio in fiat and crypto. Track your personal finances (income/expenses) and earn crypto. Expetra can help you to better manage your finances, spend less on unnecessary things, and earn some crypto for that!


The app is FREE and anyone can use it, for advanced users there is a premium subscription (support for more accounts and detailed analytics). With special NFT-pass you can get lifetime premium subscription, you can also stake your NFT-pass and earn rewards!


Our vision is to give people the most convenient tool to manage personal finances. Help our users build investment habits and connect them to Web3, NFT and Game-Fi worlds.


Expetra is the first web3 portfolio management app for fiat and crypto. With expetra you can add transaction in only 3 steps, other portfolio apps require 7+ steps. You can get lifetime premium subscription and crypto rewards by staking NFTs.

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