I was inspired to create an app for recording expenses so that people may manage their money more effectively and comprehend their spending habits. I wanted to make a straightforward application that anyone could use to track their spending and categorise it properly. I began working on my project in order to achieve this objective.

What it does

The spending app I developed is a tool that people can use to effectively track and manage their spending. The application allows users to enter and record their expenses, including the amount spent and the category it falls into (such as leisure, food, work or travel). By organizing expenses into categories, users can easily analyze their spending habits and make informed financial decisions. The application provides a monthly overview of total expenses, breakdown by category, and even creates reports or visualizations to help users understand their spending habits.

How we built it

Project Setup: We setup the Flutter project using Flutter SDK and configured the necessary dependencies and plugins. User interface design: We designed the app's user interface (UI) using the Flutter widget system. We created screens to capture expenses, select a category and track total expenses. Cost Tracking: We have implemented features to collect and store cost information. This involved creating forms for users to enter information about spending, including amount spent and choice of categories. Categorization and filtering: We introduced the ability to categorize expenses into different categories such as leisure, food, work and travel. Users can select the appropriate category for each expense item. Performance optimization: We optimize application performance using techniques such as code optimization, caching strategies and asynchronous operations to ensure a smooth and responsive user experience. Testing and Debugging: We did extensive testing and debugging during the development process to identify and fix any issues or bugs.

Challenges we ran into

During the development of my expense-tracking app using Flutter and Dart, I faced challenges while implementing new methods and setting user-friendly themes. Adjusting the UI to be clutter-free was crucial for enhancing the app's usability. I dedicated time to researching and experimenting with different design patterns to achieve an intuitive user experience. Additionally, optimizing the app's performance posed another hurdle. I delved into performance profiling, code optimization, and caching strategies to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Overcoming these challenges required continuous learning, problem-solving, and a relentless pursuit of creating a streamlined and high-performing app.

What we learned

To create better UI friendly apps

What's next for Expense Tracker App

Adding total sum of expenses and notifying the user if he is spending too much of money and to tell him to use it wisely.

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