I started working on Exertit as a side project 8 months ago while I was doing software internships. This is my first iOS app, so it was quite a slow start in the beginning. But as the app progressed, I was more motivated to design every aspect of it; the user interface, workflow and even the icons and colour scheme. Long story short, the app took twice the time I had planned. I'm proud of it and I hope you can take the time to appreciate my 8 months of hard hair-pulling work.


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Slide out menu for quick access to workouts
  • No sign-ups
  • Create personalized workouts
  • Add reps, sets, weight, duration and note to exercises
  • Interval training support
  • Easy to use timer and stopwatch

As usual, please download, rate and comment on App Store. If you have an suggestions, feel free to shoot me an email. Or if you like my app, let me know. It makes my day to know that someone liked it :)

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