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National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a national medical entrance exam conducted every year for the admission to MBBS, BDS, AYUSH, BVSc, and AH degree programmes. NEET is an exam with not only a difficult academic curriculum but also involves rigorous verification of students' diligence, hard work and passion towards medicine. Candidates who wish to pursue a medical career in the country are required to sit for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA). Here is a short guide that tells you how to prepare for NEET 2021. This article will help students to understand the exam and have a crisp strategy to ace NEET 2021. The preparation tips for NEET 2021 discussed here are clear, concise, tried, and tested.

To start with, you should study all the things that have been taught in school. If you are anxious to prepare for NEET 2021 and want to clear it with a good score, you can follow the strategy given below.

NEET 2021 Study Plan and Preparation Tips

  • Identify your most productive hours by studying at various times in a day like early morning, day or night time. These hours will give you the best output. You have to be completely focused on your preparation. Get rid of any distraction that affects your studies.

  • Break down your study sessions into 30 mins or 45 mins or 60 mins sessions (based on how long you can concentrate) and then take short breaks of 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins respectively. Small mental breaks will help you stay focused on your task.

  • Make sure your goals are clear (they can be short ones like finishing a topic or a chapter), and your plans are well thought out and most importantly, that you have a schedule for every day during your preparation. If you miss out on your schedule one day, make up for it the next day. Achieve your goals for the week as you planned.

  • NEET tests your basics. Without this ground step, you cannot rise high. Be thorough with the concepts. You can use NCERT or a coaching study material for understanding theory and solving problems.

  • Read NCERT line by line. Examples, summary, diagrams are very important for NEET. Use Mnemonics to remember difficult words, phrases and statements.

  • If you are not able to learn a topic or concept, read the theory again and again till you get the feel of the topic. Learn topics and solve questions that are within the NEET syllabus. Don't go deep into something which is not required.

  • Think about different ways of solving problems. After solving a question, refer the solution to find if there is a better way to solve the question.

  • You have to Practice a lot. This is one of the most important things which plays a great role in one's NEET preparation. It will help you improve your concept application power and will also gradually develop confidence in you that "Yes! I can do any question from this topic now, whether it is easy or difficult."

  • Take regular tests to improve speed, accuracy and time management skills.

  • Make short notes for all subjects. You can write formulas of physics, short tricks, reactions of organic chemistry, examples of biology, important dates and years of ecology, etc so that you can revise them in a short time in an organized way.

  • If you are taking coaching, make class notes and review them each day after the class. If you have any questions or doubts, ask your teacher in the next class. Do all the homework and assignments on time. Ask for help if you need it.

  • Start revising early. Include specific revision slot in your preparation schedule. Don't procrastinate the revision time for the new study. Make flow charts, diagrams, tables, posters, post-its, etc. and stick them wherever possible and have a glance at them repeatedly. Write your silly mistakes in a diary and revise from it before every test.

  • Take care of your health, both physical and mental. Sleep peacefully for 7-8 hours. Don't over think. Visit for NEET MDS 2020 NEET PG 2021 details at

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