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Project participant names

Akshay Sadarangani (4kshay@ccs.neu.edu) Lauti Cantar (cantar.l@husky.neu.edu) Junchen Zhan (zhan.j@husky.neu.edu) Amy (Chia-Yi) Liaw (liaw.c@husky.neu.edu)


We identify that each time that we want to look for an event in a particular area, we need to go to different web pages that list different events, such as Meet Up, Eventbrite, thebostoncalendar.com, etc. However, there is not a unified place to find information about different events. Eventor locates the joyful and active events around you anytime anywhere. With the simple mapping view, filters and spots best match events from various event sites. Eventor’s goal is to make sure you won’t miss out any great events just with simply search, you’re ready to go!

Challenges faced during project

The first challenge would be deciding on what idea to work on for this Hackathon, it’s everyone’s first time at event, we spend more time on brainstorming and discussing the idea. Later on, we tried to think of innovated function to implemented into the website which differentiate from existing websites. We experience some challenges during data cleaning and formatting as well as the implementing.

Data collection

Eventbrite and MeetUp have API that would allow the developers to access to their information in a structured way. Thebostoncalendar.com does not have an API so it required to build a web scraper to collect all the information. Once the data was collected for the three sources, we faced some data cleaning and normalization challenges.

Future Enhancements

Date filter: in order to select a particular date we are interested to attend to an event List of events: once we have selected a particular day, place and type of event, there will be a list of events that will be able to see all the information without having to select each marker. Instagram and Twitter interaction: for each event we want to see that is people talking about or uploading pictures it in real time. We want to add this feature so the user can see the mood of the event so it will help him to decide if he wants to go or not.


Advertisement space: the web design of the app has been design to add advertisement in order to be sell for any particular company. Better location in event lists: if you want your event to rank higher in the event list, you have to pay.

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