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Parking has been difficult at almost every concert I've been to, and it's often easier to Uber/Lyft to a venue to avoid the crazy parking fees. After seeing all the people waiting for their ride share in the "Carpool Line" at Warped Tour in Mountain View, CA, I realized that a lot of people have this same idea.

With so many people using ride-sharing services during events, I thought it would be an interesting idea for Eventbrite to offer a transportation add-on when purchasing event tickets. This would not only be an convenience, but it could also reduce the frequency of drunk driving after events. On top of that, Eventbrite could profit from an added "Transportation Fee", as well as a percentage of the transportation costs through Uber's Affiliate Program.

Eventbrite Local adds the ability for event atendees to add transportation to/from events with the purchase of their ticket on Eventbrite. With the use of Uber's API, we can generate a full travel itenerary from an Eventbrite event ID.

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