Living in a city where there's a lot going on but it's hard to even know where to start to find novel and fun activities to enjoy.

What it does

Finds events within a given radius of a city. Can filter on category and time period. Also, provides details about the events (like start times, venue etc.) and driving directions(more modes of transportation to come) to the listed venue.

How I built it

Leverages eventful's API, and google maps API to find events near a given city and provide driving directions and duration and time. Used python and the flask-ask framework. Leverage zappa to deploy my project through AWS lambda.

Challenges I ran into

Properly deploying using zappa (dependencies were missing, had to manually fix each one). Keeping the flow of the skill organized and ensuring there was an obvious route the users could take.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating the skill entirely by myself. Being able to utilize flask-ask framework to build a fully working Alexa skill and use various APIs to help with the functionality of this skill.

What I learned

How Alexa works, more about flask. Echosim is a great tool.

What's next for Event Detective

Keep adding features (like supporting other transit modes - which should be simple). Providing better cards when looking at the details of an event. To integrate with other more local activities, sports schedules and the weather. Be able to send invites from your account to your friends to suggest an event found via Event Detective. And then to easily purchase tickets for certain events.

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