The most interesting fact about Europe is that it is very easy to travel between cities. The cities most visited by travelers are Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels – however, there is grasp of new spot as well with new looks and top notch restaurants. Some are pressed with social wonder, others are known for their keen boutiques and world-class design scenes, while the best accompany a compass of brilliant sand. They're all brisk to get to from London – some are even a Eurostar train ride away; so here's our pick of the best city breaks in Europe.

Lisbon, Portugal For the past couple of years, Lisbon has become major attraction site for many tourist from around Europe, there is notable and massive development in the capital of Portugal, the sloping beach front capital with pastel-shaded structures in the old town and trundling yellow cable cars. There are flea markets and food stall; road art by Shepard Fairey and shops that champion home-grown design talent. Berlin, Germany Berlin is an amazing place and monument of living history. The city of berlin is full of life, it is filled up with bars and matchless party scenes, big hotels, pleasure-seeking restaurant and new art galleries. There is much to see in Berlin from Hitler’s bunker, the Norman foster designed richstag dome to the new synagogue and the berlin zoo.

Rome, Italy Rome isn't only a city, it's an open historical center with world class world scene Renaissance palazzos, Baroque houses of worship and, obviously, it is in fact an entire nation inside one city: Vatican City is the grand center of the Roman Catholic Church, an autonomous city-state and one of the most considerable destinations in the Western world. Head up the city's seven slopes to the cool neighborhoods of Monti or Trastevere, where vivacious trattorias spill out onto the asphalts and piazzas, and local people and tourists alike come out to absorb la dolce vita.

Amsterdam, Netherland Amsterdam has well and genuinely shed its stag-do picture. Nowadays the popular city becoming more and more creative. For a European city break, Amsterdam offers overwhelming hitting art displays and galleries (the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum are the two musts), cool bistros and autonomous style boutiques (the best are in the Nine Streets neighborhood). However, there's nothing more pleasant than a morning spent walking around the pretty waterways fixed with apartments and absorbing the chilled vibe of the spot.

Paris, France The typical city break in Europe, losing all sense of direction in Paris is half of the fun; the best way to explore the city's 20 distinctive arrondissements is walking, sightseeing and spilling onto wonderful cobbled avenues. The most sentimental city in Europe hasn't quite recently got world-class culture, it's additionally got brilliant boutiques, bleeding edge idea stores, gem box patisseries, beautiful swap meets and a standout food scene. What's more, in case you come all the way from London, you don't need to jump on a plane to arrive.

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