Wanted to learn more about GUI using python as I have only done it using Java before while trying to connect to a database rather than a local system to retrieve he directory.

What it does

It makes use the Customtkinter and tkinter libraries to create buttons, frames and treeview to display the folders and its files while the buttons manipulate what the treeview shows. The OS library imports the directory where all the files are stored.

How we built it

looked up different Tkinter methods to fill in the blanks for my algorithm.

Challenges we ran into

It was and still is very difficult to find a good way to display all the files and also the dimensions for frames and design of putting the buttons and blocks in the correct place

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I was able to learn how to design a decent app and a common simple GUI library

What we learned

What's next for EUFS Bag Bonanza Challenge

I am yet to connect it to an external database and also finish and clean up the presentation of the GUI while connecting each button to what exactly it should be doing

Built With

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