Local governments and small housing association find it difficult reaching individuals landlords or community members. There has to be a physical meeting or a staff visiting the community member's house to deliver an information

This application allows local governments, small community management heads reach their members and share vital information. Payment of taxes and dues can also be done on the application. Community members can report a theft issue, power failure or delayed refused pickup via picture/audio/chat messages. The chat bot allows members communicate with each other.

It was built using Php programming language. Javascript for the facebook API call, bootstrap was used for the User interface.

It was difficult connecting to some Facebook APIs due to change in the privacy settings.

My accomplishments include: Community leaders can easily disseminate information, news to members within that location Each individual is registered and as a community member can register and pay for dues ( taxes, refuse pickup, electricity, water) Members can share broadcast messages on business patronage, function invitations

*I learnt how to build an ecosystem peculiar to my Country Nigeria

I am looking out for better investment to scale and ensure this application is used by all local governments in Nigeria

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