Inspiration from the need for the sustainable environment and efficient use of natural resources.

What it does

Envotech will provide a number of ways through which we can save a large number of natural resources and can use the water, soil and so many thongs in an efficient way.

How I built it

I built my skill by following tools:

  • Amazon web services: Here I have added all my skill's fact and added Alexa kit to it using Skill Id and AWS-lambda Id to my Alexa console.
  • Alexa developer console: Here I have added all my invocations and test it and then launch it.

Challenges I ran into

  1. I build my skill in my exam time due to my interest in Alexa.
  2. Finding and making fact a lot of time was used.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making a great environment skill which promotes sustainable development and efficient use of natural resources is really a big task to do something for all people.

What I learned

I have learned how to create a positive impact on society by making skills on Amazon Alexa which is a wonderful experience for me. I have also learned how to use natural resources in a sustainable manner.

What's next for Envotech

I am thinking to make the skill better by including Videos or pictures or slides for performing the everyday action in an efficient manner and teaches all people the importance of sustainable environment and how we together can contribute in this noble deed.

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