Entrenar.se is the cloud version of our state of the art e-learning and training platform.

Built from the ground up, Entrenar.se relies on more than 8 years of experience delivering online training to tens of thousands of people. Now you can create and deploy effective and impressive online training without breaking your budget. Track results, measure training effectiveness, learning outcomes, and long-term knowledge retention with our exclusive set of tools and reporting capabilities. No downloads nor software installation is required. Simply create and share your presentation using our online modules. Discover the tools that make quick creation of high-impact training content possible with Entrenar.se!

Use the presentation tools that are familiar to you. Entrenar.se supports video uploads, YouTube, Microsoft PowerPoint, JPGs, GIFs, and PNGs. You can even create your own with our presentation creator.

Share your training links with via email and popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

Gain valuable insight from your target audience. Learn who viewed specific videos, when and where they viewed it, time spent, and even how they answered quizzes.

Our service is based on more than 6 year experience developing on-line education for Medical Professionals; they receive the Continuing Medical Education (including certificates) using our software platform. About a year ago we started changing the target of the trainees to broaden the spectrum of individuals and institution that could benefit from our experience, so we created the ‘cloud’ version of the e-learning / e-training platform, called Entrenarse (in Spanish translate to ‘self training’). Although it could be used to deliver curriculum material, I think is more appropriate for ages 12 and up, this is why I suggest listing it under ‘Administration/Engagement’, it can be used to create ‘teacher training’ and teacher-parent communication as well as student training; it has build-in capabilities to deliver and monitor trainings, moderate discussions and interact with the presenter in off-line mode. We currently are in the process of developing two new key features that will definite improve communications across diverse communities and are: • Live presentations with automatic creation of on-line ones, which allows to engage the audience in the same manner as a regular live conference • Multilanguage translation wizard, which allows to deliver the same training across multiple languages cohorts and compare outcome results without the ‘language’ bias. One of the main features of the platform is the ability to ‘measure’ what the participants DO, and report back those results.

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