Being high school students and entrepreneurs ourselves, one major problem we faced while working on a project was finding teammates with required skill sets. This problem gave us the idea of creating an app which helps students find teammates, share their innovative ideas, network and learn with others.

Executive Overview

EntreGen is a social networking app for high school entrepreneurs that helps them to connect with like-minded people and helps entrepreneurial teams in filling up their skill spectrum. Being developed by a team of high school students, it acknowledges every problem they face. It has a tinder-like match-making window, which helps for better engagement and easier team-building. The primary audience of the app are high school students (aged 13 - 18) who have innovative ideas and are looking for teammates to help build them.

What does it do?

  1. Connecting budding high school entrepreneurs with like-minded people and prospective teammates which are matched according to their skills.

  2. Connects teams with venture capitalists to grow and network.

  3. To motivate students by showcasing various projects made by other students.

  4. Introduces innovators to various hackathons, events and courses matching their age, skill and taste.

How did we build it?

We started this project with a short brainstorming session where we decided to solve the problem-

High schooler entrepreneurs struggle to network with like minded students. Many networking events happen in-person and high school students aren’t able to bring their ideas to life.

Our UI designer designed a simple, modern and minimalist interface that makes it easier for high school juniors to use. The developers did a wonderful task of using various SDK’s in Android Studio to create the perfect backend.

Did we run into any challenges?

We started out with a much more ambitious project than we could complete in 36 hours, so we had to make some hard decisions and cut features in order to make a working app. Even with unforeseen design revisions, we're happy that we were able to create a working and practical app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re especially proud of our problem solving skills and our team skill spectrum. Within just moments of creating our team, we decided to work on helping high school entrepreneurs. We decided on what problems exist currently and how we are to solve them. Each problem was put in through various solutions and the most viable one’s were decided. Another achievement our team is proud of is that we worked like a well oiled machine. We are proud of Brainstorming this concept and implementing it in less than 36 hours.

What did we learn?

Building EntreGen taught us how even a single problem can have several feasible solutions. It taught us how to work in a team: divide our tasks, take hard calls and motivate each other. It also heightened our skills in our respective fields.

What's next for EntreGen?

The AppStore! The app has valuable functions which will allow high school entrepreneurs to grow drastically and investors to find valuable business opportunities. We plan on completing some additional user testing and then publishing the app for high schoolers. We also plan to develop a website so that EntreGen can be used across platforms and also improve the Venture capitalist and Hackathon sections.

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