Companies such as Google and Yelp have made it really easy to search for points of interests such as cafes and restaurants near-by to one's current location. However, such apps still fail to populate results over larger distances.

What it does

Let's say you're travelling from Toronto to Waterloo and want to pick up some coffee and donuts along the way. The drive is long and you're bound to pass by many Tim Hortons along the way. EnRoute populates a map with the nearest coffee shops along the entire route to help users save time by deviating as little as possible from the original route.

How I built it

Used Java for the core Android app, the Yelp API to find and return the nearest points of interests and the Google [Maps/Places/Directions] APIs to display and populate the map with results.

Challenges I ran into

It was difficult integrating with all three Google Maps API's and the results returned from the Yelp API were not consistent.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Team's first time creating an Android App that actually works :)

What I learned

Third party API integration in Java, inner working principles of Android and UI elements.

What's next for EnRoute

Publish to Google Play so that all Android users can benefit from this service!

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