Current project En Route NY-2015 extends the capabilities of the module included in the original solution "HeMoSiBi™ - Her Most Significant Bit™", a finalist of the International Application Innovation Contest AIC-2013 by Intel Corp (link to the original submission article on HeMoSiBi™ ).

The En Route NY-2015 application software is primarily intended for the Ladies helping them to make their lifetime in New York City rather productive and entertaining. It amalgamates the best of all known worlds, like hardware, software and even footwear (LOL: the latter refers to shopping guide based on geo-mapping technology). The integrated app is comprised of several following functional modules:

  • NY City Interactive Subway Map based on Bing technology and MTA data feeds
  • NY City Trivia-quiz covering variety of topics, including City history, landmarks, points of attraction, etc
  • NYC Shopping Guide, though not exhaustive but rather focused and practical
  • NYC Landmarks, dedicated to major points of attraction in the Big Apple

How it works

Application software En Route NY-2015 contains three basic modules: Interactive NY Subway Map, NY trivia-quiz and NY Landmarks slide-show. Speech-enhanced intuitive multi-modal User Interface (MMUI) is adapted for traditional PC mouse/keyboard and touch screen operations. Instructional video created for the original demo solution (HeMoSiBi™) attached to this project provides detailed operational guidelines.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Original Interactive NY Subway Mapping demo solution (a constituent part of integrated HeMoSiBi™ software package mentioned above) utilized stations' geographic information obtained from publicly-available online resources (wiki), stored in in XML data structure. Current release implements sophisticated SQL Database (Compact Edition) with data imported from static NY MTA data feeds. As a part of development efforts, a database model and a set of csv-to-db data import procedures has been developed.
  2. Originally planned was a bus Interactive mapping solution. Unfortunately, certain bus data was missing from MTA static data feed, thus the development of this module is postponed till the issue resolved.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Sophisticated speech-enhanced Multi-Modal User Interface universally adapted for Desktop/Notebook/Tablet PC
  2. Aesthetic border-less app window solution
  3. Efficient application Database (SQL CE) to store MTA Subway static data in a compact/normalized form
  4. Unique content (knowledge base and image gallery) reflecting NY lifestyle presented in inspirational manner
  5. Speech synthesizer software Pericles™ TTS-14 for Win used to produce voice-over narration in instructional video

What I learned

  1. MTA feed specs (GTFS)
  2. MTA bustime app
  4. Microsoft Bing geo-mapping technology

What's next for En Route NY-2015

Current solution would be extended with several additional features:

  1. NY bus data: Interactive mapping and real-time tracking module
  2. Commuter fuel economy module based on outcome from proprietary "Ergometric Driving Efficiency Profiler" project (proposal has been submitted to NSF in the Y2014, currently under review)

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