There are numerous fashion brands making a strong social impact but restricted to their local markets. Because we are aware of the role that fashion plays in our lives and the lives of those that create it, we decided to support these brands and bring them to a global mainstream market via our app Fashion : Design to the nines. Additionally, due to COVID-19, fashion designers and their plans have been thrown off track as fashion weeks have been cancelled.

What it does

Our solution is an application that allows fashion designers to collaborate, design, and launch their clothing lines and giving them a chance to showcase their line on our virtual fashion week. A platform bringing together people with diverse social and cultural identities through their designs giving them a chance to interact with each other, investors, manufacturing-establishments, apparel companies, and design firms.

How I built it

We used C++, Adobe XD

Expected impact our solution will have on Culture and Creative Industries

We are not oblivious to the fact that the creative industry contributes to 8% of the national income. The solution we have come up with aims not only to increase the revenue and the employment but also to empower local brands across the globe.

What's next for Empowering fashion designers across the globe

Our aim would be to bring together all design needs in one app, and so, we would wish to integrate design software (CAD software) within our app and allow for real-time editing with collaborators. We wish to execute the application and launch it in the near future on the app store and play store. We would like fashion designers to try it out and provide us with feedback that can be further incorporated into improving the app.

Built With

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