Women often downplay their successes and lose confidence for the sake of "being polite." And rather alarmingly, women who don't play by the rules are frequently labeled "bossy" or "conceited," whereas men would be labeled as "leaders." In an already incredibly underrepresented field, women in tech encounter obstacle after obstacle when trying to claim a seat at the table.

What it does

She’s an assistive bot aimed at helping women increase their confidence by providing suggestions to needlessly uncertain messages. When she detects uncertainty or sees you selling yourself short, she will encourage you to be more assertive.It is a messaging tool that not only detects phrases that show a lack of confidence but also suggests alternative ways to express ideas. By dropping unnecessary apologies and using clear and direct language, women will become more comfortable, confident, and proud when sharing ideas. And by changing the way women think about themselves, we can break the glass ceiling! Achieving women's equality isn't easy, but it starts from the grassroots.

How we built it

It is a natural language processing automated assistant created using Dialogflow (previously known as, an AI/machine learning software that references Google Cloud API. It has the power to integrate with Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Google Assistant, among other platforms, and support both text and voice recognition. Trained to develop intelligent responses to key phrases as well as recognize sentiments and their lemmatizations, will continue to develop as she receives more exposure to user messages.

Challenges we ran into

Some technologies were new to me , from which I faced several challenges

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing it before deadline!

What we learned

Google Cloud Dialogflow API and Splunk NLP Text Analytics v. 0.9.5 is new for me so that is the new thing I learnt

What's next for emPower

We hope to have generate live suggestion pop-ups as the user is typing a message, rather than having her provide feedback after the message has already been sent.

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