Ukrainians is under constant attack due to Russians Invasion. Millions of people affected and they need emergency help from Emergency Response Team. In United State, one call contact 911 and in Europe, you can contact 112. In this critical situation, contacting and connecting to this Emergency Rescue Team is a problem.

Consequently, Thousands of Emergency Rescue Team like using Google Form and Spreadsheet to gather information's from their respective Users to make data collections and accessibility more easier

We develop the application to make connection to Emergency Response Team a very easy task using their desired Google Tech like Google Form, Google Spreadsheet, Google Map Javascript API, Google Address Geo-coding API, Google Chart Statistics as well as Email Messages Tech. and Twilio SMS API

What it does

Emergency 911 OR 112 is an application that help Ukrainian Needy to contact, connect and share their issues/reports with Emergency Response Team(911 OR 112)

How Does the Application Work

The User seeking for Emergency Help can submit a report/issue via either our application Web Form or Google Form

If User makes use of Google Form, Her reports get save on Google Form, Google Spreadsheet and on our application for easy access

Very Important:

Upon each Reports/Issue Submission, an Emergency Message Alert is sent to the Emergency Rescue Team configured Email Address and Mobile Contact(911 or 112) via SMS for immediate response.

The Emergency Rescue Team/Admin can access the application to view all the reported issues and can get back to all the reporters via their respective Email and Mobile Contacts via SMS

Once the issues has been resolved, the Admin/Emergency Rescue Team can mark the issue as solved.

We integrated Google Chart Statistics to make it easier for Admin/Emergency Rescue Team to easily visualized all the total reported issues vs Open issues vs Closed Issues via Bar and Line Chart via Graph Chart Statistics distribution analysis.

You can also share Google Emergency Form to any Ukrainians on various Social Network like(Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress, Whatsapp etc.)

How we built it

The application was built with PHP, MYSQL, Jquery/Ajax, Bootstrap.

Technologies used includes Google Form, Google Map Javascript API, Google Address Geocoding API, Phpmailer, Twilio SMS, Google Spreadsheet and Google Chart/graphs

1.) We Used Twilio SMS API to send and recieve SMS messages campaign within the application. We are currently using Twilio Test/Sandox API Credentials and thus can only send and recieve SMS to only numbers (Eg. +2349135775247) configured on Twilio Dashboard.

In Production, You will need to enter your Production/Live Twilio SMS Credentials at settings.php files to enable you send and recieve SMS Message to any mobile contacts across the globe.

2.) We used Google Address Geocoding API to convert users address to Latitude and Longitude to enable his/her locations to easily appear on Google Map.

3.) We used Google Map Javascript API to pinpoint the exact location of the published location address on the Google Map

4.) We used PhpMailer to send and recieve and broadcast email messages to users email addresses

5.) We used Google Chart/graphs to be able to visualized Total Published Home vs Home still available vs home take/matched via Line and Bar Chart Graph Distribution Analysis

6.) We used Google Form and Google Spreadsheet to also allow Users to submit Emergency reports

For Google form and spreadsheet integration, we created some Google App Script Code that you will need to copy and paste to any Google form that you will create which connects to our php backend.

How to Integrate Google Form and Google Spread Sheets

1.) Visit to create your Google Form.
and select a blank form 2.) On the Google Form, Ensure that you create your form exactly with this Form Parameters. Its is case sensitive so ensure to use capital letter or small leter as we used it in the Form Parameters. Eg Fullname and fullname are not the same

Enter name for the Google Form. Form Parameters includes Fullname, Emaill, Phone_No, Message, Address, Country

3.) Once Google Form is created, Click on Responses on the Google Form. Then Click on tiny green image icon to create spreadsheet. Select Create New Spreadsheet and proceed.

4.) On Spreadsheet, goto Extension then click on App Script.

It will take you to App Script Page. then click there on the left top and delete this function code already there. something like function myFunction() { }

then open via notepad and copy our code from our Code files and paste it there, then click on save button there on top of the spreadsheet page. This will save the code on your Google Form Server.

5.)Its is time to create Triggers to ensure that Google Form will work with Google spreadsheet. Still on Google App Script Page then click on small clock icon that is closed to text Libraries and Tiggers button will appear. click it. then Click Add Trigger button at the bottom of the Page.

On Trigger Form that appears, leave everything parameters there the way it is but only ensure that you change select event type parameter from on open to on form submit and then click save. It will require you to authorize Google to verify the form via your email address. when prompt with Google hasn’t verified this app, click on Advance button it will show your Google Email Address. click Go to Project (unsafe) since its you. Then allow Google to verify your app by clicking Allow and your Triggers will be created automatically.

on the Google App Script Page, you can see the Triggers you created. You are done. You then test and share your Google Form to Users to submit their Emergency Issues and you can then access it via Google Form, Google Spreadsheet and directly from our applications

How to use the application

Testing the Application locally

1.) You will need to ensure that you have xampp Server install and that php and Mysql database is running
2.) Edit settings.php file to add Emergency Rescue Team Mobile number(Eg. 112 or 911), Email Address, Email Server Credentials, Twilio SMS Credentials, Google Map Javascript API Keys where appropriates

3.) Edit data6rst.php and db_connect_map.php to reflect your database credentials.

4.) Open table_db.txt to copy or export database tables used in creating the application to mysql database on xampp Server

5.) Open Your Browser and test the application at http://localhost/emergency911/index.php

Testing it from Browser

As someone who is seeking for emergency Help, you can submit your issue either via our web form or through our Google Form and Emergency Rescue Team will get immediate Email and SMS notification on that, they will review your reports and then contact you asap via either your submitted Email Address or Phone Number via Twilio SMS Campaign

Challenges we ran into

No Challenges Yet

Market Viability

This application is ready for production and can easily be adopted by various Security Agencies, Humanitarian Agencies, Governments, individuals for purpose of responding to Ukrainians in needs.

What's next for Emergency

Integrating Searching System, Data Pagination System and more features coming up

About Our Teams

We are Team of 3( 2 Women and 1 Man)
Esedo Justina(Woman)
Augustine Blessing (Woman)
Esedo Fredrick (Man)

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