The Emergency Distress Button is an Android and Android Smart Watch Wear application which triggers an emergency event whenever the owner is in trouble. The owner can manually trigger an emergency via the power/sleep button on their devices, via lock screen widget button or a soft button on their Android Wear Smart Watches such as LG or Moto360 or Samsung Wear devices.

After the user has initiated the emergency , the app sends a distress SMS and/or Email message with the exact location of the accident to predefined contacts such as relatives or friends (multiple can be added) and in addition the phone can dial one emergency number automatically and automatically enable the speakerphone.

The contacts can also manually trigger location updates sent via SMS commands (even from feature phones in rural areas) and will receive SMS updates with the exact GPS coordinates of the victim.

Main Features

✔ Android and Android Wear smart watch support (Moto360, LG, Samsung etc.)

✔ Emergency predefined contacts will be contacted via SMS , email or called

✔ Precise location of the accident is send to all predefined contacts (friends, relatives, emergency centre) in a case of emergency via SMS and/or Email with Google maps link

✔ Fast triggering via soft lock screen widget or even the hardware power button on a smartphone device

✔ All authorised emergency contacts can also track the device in case of emergency and will be able to call back - Speaker phone will automatically turn on.

✔ Location updates available to selected contacts either triggered automatically in a case of emergency or via the SMS commands - needed if the initial location send out was not 100% accurate.

Unique Features

✔ The Emergency application was the first to enter the market back in 2011. We are the only app on the market to provide hardware triggering via the power button and as of 2014, to support Android Wear and Gear smart watch devices.

✔ Triggering via a soft button could be ineffective, since it requires the user to unlock or at least wake the device. In addition to the soft button, we provide a hardware solution which will save many lives when the phone can't be easily unlocked.

Rural areas in Tamil Nadu, India

With the advancement of the technologies and low costs more and more people in India are gaining access to smartphones. With projects like the Google Android One phones which are available for less than 80 USD, the indian market is one of the fastest growing Android markets.

As more and more people in rural areas gain access to these advanced technologies, with the help of health apps like ours, we can change when and how fast health information is being provided and improve health outcomes.

Few of the possible use case scenarios (many more unlisted)

✔ Lone workers in remote rural areas

✔ Pregnancy Monitoring and emergency fast triggering

✔ Road accidents on connected vehicles and devices.

OpenXC integration

With the help of OpenXC and AppLink the app can easily and automatically identify if an accident has occurred and trigger the Emergency event on the attached device, thus reducing the emergency distress call time to zero.

In remote and rural areas, such as Tamil Nadu India, or in situations in which a lot of crash parties are involved and no eye witnesses are on sight, this could even result in vital emergency triggering, which otherwise could've not been possible.

By constantly monitoring vital OpenXC data such as EngineSpeed, VehicleSpeed, SteeringWheelAngle, BrakePedalStatus and AcceleratorPedalPosition we can easily identify (via algorithms) unusual car behaviour which could've led to a crash scenario and trigger the emergency call.

We feel that in this way a lot of the accidents will not result in fatalities and fast healthcare could be provided to rural areas.


A short video demonstration of the app being triggered via a smart watch can be seen here:

Android App

The app can be downloaded from the following Play Store link.

Please note that to test the Smart Watch features a supported Android Wear device must be used (LG with latest Wear update or Moto 360 were tested).


The app has received a very positive response from the media.

Selected by "Android Police" (one of the most professional Android blogs) as best app of the week

Vodafone eNewsletter containing coverage of the app - issue 14 about RNLI crew members

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