Our product is a virtual map on our website. It contains the locations of different EV chargers owned by users of the site in addition to public charging stations that are already established. Users can then use the chargers for a given amount of time to charge their car. Our product works by searching through our user created database of chargers and displaying the ones nearest to the user’s location by zip code or city. Each user will first create an account on our website, and they will also have the option to register their home EV charger into our database. Then, users will be able to see the charger types, prices, and ratings of charging stations around them to decide when and where they want to schedule a time to use a charger; scheduling will only apply to user-provided chargers not public ones. The pricing of using a user-provided charger will then be determined by our algorithm that accounts for the time spent charging, the power output of the charger, and the additional electric bill ($/kWh) the provider has to pay. In fact, this can be a form of passive income for the provider since the price the person using a user-provided charger will pay a 20% fee, encouraging users to register their charger with us. The provider will then take 85% of the 20% fee, and our company will receive the remaining 15% of the 20% fee.

Many of our team members have extensive coding experience whether it be in website development or JavaScript and Python. We are uniquely qualified to build this product because all of our team members are very dedicated to this project on environmental sustainability through encouraging the use of EVs and making chargers more convenient and accessible to all. Not only have all of our team members taken AP Computer Science A at high school, but we’ve also worked on different independent projects in topics varying from machine learning to robotics and circuitry. We would love to have the opportunity to be able to further develop our idea and make it a reality.

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