We initially planned to make 2 robots that would play 'sumo' against each other, called super shove bros. unfortunately we ran into power issues creating the second robot, so we decided to focus more on the android application and control of the robot. Part way through the creation of our project we noticed that our buggys form factor reminded us of a well known cartoon character, related to the previous name of our project so we decided to model it after it.

What it does

RC Pikachu is a DC motor powered buggy that is controlled through an android application we developed.

How we built it

using the F401-RE arm microcontroller we wired and designed a basic 2 wheeled buggy. the chassis was created out of recycled plastic (soup and microwave rice containers). We used android studio to create an application to communicate with the bluetooth module mounted on the buggy and control it. The pikachu design was created by designing some parts on our own and using some designs found online by user 'Skelekitty'.

Challenges we ran into

there were many issues when it came to wiring the buggy as the form factor of the recycled parts didn't allow for easy debugging of the connections. Having to change the projects half way through development was also difficult as it was hard to come up with new ideas. We initially ran into problems trying to connect to the bluetooth module as well, as our phones wouldn't sync with the module. After some research it was determined that the issue was caused by the bluetooth module being a bluetooth low energy module (BLE), and we managed to find an open source project that we could learn from and implement to communicate.

Built With

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