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Many underprivileged children in some developing countries are either unable to attend school due to lack of fees or uniforms or they lack basic supplies, such as books. Since we know that education is a necessity if we want the children to have an opportunity to get good jobs in the future, we encourage them to attend by providing them with what they need.

As per a survey, In 2015, the total number of illiterate adults reached 745.1 million. About 114 million young people, still lack basic reading and writing skills. Therefore, as a solution, we can suggest a Government-funded online school which offers all courses till class 10 for students.

What it does:

Basically, an online school is a Web application that has all features to provide quality education to children in a proper way. So, they can study at home in case they can't go to any school due to any reasons.

How we built it:

As we can see, It is a Web application which has many detailed features required for any generic high school. We can implement those features using web technologies which can help us to implement required functions.

Challenges we ran into:

While working on building a product that can resolve problems we have faced a few problems. which are mentioned below.

  1. Which kind of technologies from existing technologies we can use in order to solve the issue?
  2. How to decide the design and workflow of school application?
  3. How to spread awareness regarding this kind of learning platform among children?
  4. How to implement features and make the application user-friendly?
  5. Which kind of building technologies we can choose to optimize the performance of the application?
  6. How to decide the future scope of this application if someone wants to scale this application in a larger environment?
  7. How to get funding internally from the government in order to manage this platform?

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

As a team after brainstorming various views for implementation of this idea. We finally managed to come up with a web application that can show what we were trying to build previously. So digitally we can say it is very useful to have this kind of platform for deprived children.

What we learned:

There are many things actually we learned while making this web application. For example, how to transform any idea into a digital solution that basically fulfills desirable requirements. Moreover, we got to know about the business aspect of this web application also.

What's next for Educationist:

If we talk about the future scope of Educationalist then there are many more features we can add up to make it more useful. For instance, we implemented cyber hubs where students can log in with their credentials and access services with tablets and computers also. Therefore, the website shows if there is any near cyber hub available or not. This is just an example of a possible feature. We can add many others like this and as far as performance-wise then we can add new web services to track and monitor the progress of students on this site.

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