ECOSCAN What it is? EcoScan is an app designed for iOS to make people’s life easier. Let’s be real, recycling can be hard, and it can be confusing to keep track of everything while we’re busy with school and college. By connecting you directly to your local recycling facilities for information and enabling quick and easy searching of materials, EcoScan will help enable users to reduce their carbon footprint. The idea is that you scan the item that you want to dispose and it will tell you where the nearest drop-off facility is, as well as keep track of those items and tell you how much you reduce your carbon footprint by recycling. By linking your recycling information to a social media platform of your choice, we hope to encourage responsible and competitive group recycling habits. How it works: First and foremost, like all other app, you must create an account and enter in your location. Then, all you have to do is scan the barcode on the item or search it by name, and it will show you the product information. It will also tell you the nearest recycling facility that you can bring the product to. Your search will be saved in a virtual recycling bin so you don’t have to scan the same item multiple times. When you have found your item, you can add it to your bin, and when you empty that, the app will tell you how much you have reduced your carbon footprint by recycling. Additionally, you will have the option to share your progress with your friends via social media. Difficulties: We had a lot of fun programming this app, but there were also a lot of roadblocks to work past. Our initial API worked, but it took a while to program. Unfortunately, the SDK lisence key could not activate the product on our end, so we ended up scrapping that in favor of a different API. Additionally, we ran into a few troubles linking our back end database with our front end app software, which still needs to be rectified. Future developments: The app currently is designed for Boulder and we would really love to expand it for usage in the entire State. Because recycling is good, so why not spread the vibes? To make recycling more fun, we hope to introduce a leaderboard where you can compete with your friends to reduce the most carbon footprint. Besides that, we would also love to go beyond recyclables, which means to add compostable drop off facility to our app. Reminders via your email or through the app would help individuals keep track of when their recycling route stops by, and we would love a fun animation to play when a person empties their bin.

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